mini hashbrowns and avo salad

I was craving an english breakfast this morning but didn’t have any veggie sausages,mushroom or baked beans. The only thing I could find was a massive potato so I decided to try and make some cheesy hashbrowns.  You will need:    Two spoons of sunflower oil One potato (grated) A pinch of salt A pinch […]

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vegan brunchtime

apart from feeling completely lazy these past few weeks.. it seems as though my inspiration to make things has been at an all time high. Anyway here’s my salad and smoothie creation!               Salad ingredients: 1 avocado 1 spring onion   Lots of lettuce Cucumber Tomatoes Pepper White beans A celery stick […]

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vegan brownies

sometimes you just have to enjoy the simple things and brownies (of course) are definitely the way to go!     You will need: 3 tablespoons of oil 200g of dairy free chocolate 170g of self raising flower 3 big teaspoons of cocoa powder 180g golden caster sugar Pinch of salt Teaspoon of vanilla extract 230ml […]

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discovering vegan

we all know that changing a diet can be hard, especially if you aren’t in favour of change. But what I have come to realise by opening my mind and accepting that change is natural and impossible to avoid is that you can achieve such an incredible understanding of what you truly care about.  Lets […]

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healthy vegan snack time 2.0

and here we have a ridiculously yummy snack to tide you over at any point in the day. Personally, this is one of my favourite snacks because of how light it is unlike getting that sluggish feeling after eating a whole chocolate bar..we’ve all felt it.  So here is my super simple yogurty mess thing […]

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vegan chocolate chip cookies

these are absolutely amazing they are super easy to make and taste so good! Before I start this recipe I would just like to rest on the fact I have almost completely refrained myself from social media for almost 2 weeks now. It seems crazy to think about how attached I was to Instagram and […]

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